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Caster Shawl Quest


The Shawl Quests are the hardest shoulder quest item for casters.  Don't think this quest will be a breeze, because there is a lot of hard work involved.  If you like hard, good rewarding, and challenging quests, then this is for you.  If you hate tedious and boring quests, then this quest is not for you.  I have compiled a Quest Guide for every shawl that is available.  As of now, there are only 7 shawls, but it is believed that with the new expansion, Luclin, or in a patch, they will be added.


Shawl Quest #1

The first few shawls are very simple, because they don't require any trade skills.  First, find Loremaster Borannin.  He is in the Temple of Thurgadin.  To find him, take a left once you come to the city.  You will come to a fork in the passage.  Go left again, and then head straight.  There will be a room with many pupils, and at the front will be Loremaster Borannin.

You say, "I wish to perform duties for the crown."
Loremaster Borannin says "Those eager to prove their loyalty to the Dain may do so by completing tasks that I have been commissioned to assign. If you wish to begin your service, return to me with four toes of our enemy, the Kromrif."

Retrieve 4 Frost Giant Toes and give them to Borannin.  The toes drop off of frost giants, which are easily found in Great Divide.  You can also find people selling them for about 10pp each.  Turn in the toes.

Loremaster Borannin says, "Ahh, well done! On behalf of the Dain I thank you for making a dent in the number of our sworn enemy. Please accept this as a token of our appreciation. It is trivial, I know, but if you are as loyal as you claim to be, it will increase in power over time. It just so happens I have a [task] to further demonstrate your loyalty, Verdandi."

You will receive the Burlap Coldain Prayer Shawl.

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